At the outset it gives me immense pleasure to congratulate BabyQuest Cryobank for their outstanding customer service. BabyQuest CryoBank is probably the only semen bank in India which religiously adheres to the norms of ICMR. In developing countries like India, the risk of infectious diseases is very high and DONOR SEMEN program is a potential source for spread of such infections. A structured donor selection criteria, strict quarantine process and proper documentation of the whole process make this program ”the best in the country”. Most of the banks in the country offer details about the physical characteristics and the viral infections screening status but they often over look genetic screening for karyotyping and thalassemia. These are recommended as per the ICMR guidelines and mandatory to ensure the safety of the children born from donor gamete programs and I am glad BabyQuest screens for these. Right from the friendly staff at the office to the timely delivery of samples team BABYQUEST does a great job. ” A couple‚Äôs Quest for a child and a clinic’s quest for quality both are catered well by BabyQuest ”. Good Luck Team BabyQuest !!!

Dr. Krishna Chaitnya, Oasis – Centre for Reproductive Medicine