Why Preserve Own Samples?

Besides donation, for the sake of infertile couples, why should one preserve his own sperm? Apart from donating your sperms to our bank which can give hope of life to many unknown infertile couples and earn you bonus money, one can also deposit seeds (gametes) for their own future use. Following are some situations when you may need to deposit your gametes.

  • Biological clock for both males and females is ticking non-stop. Career and other compulsions may force you to set a family at an advanced age which may be late to have a baby naturally with your own seeds. Why not deposit your gametes with our ART Bank, when you and your seeds are at their prime?  You can thus have an option of using your own sperm in future if needed.
  • If you are in a high risk occupation where there is a threat of reduced fertility, sterility or injury to reproductive organs. –e.g. exposure to environmental contaminants, pesticides, radiations etc, police, fire, safety, athletes and construction staff prone to accidents and consequential injuries. For the military, you can have fertility insurance against chemical or biological agents or if your spouse is planning a pregnancy while on deployment.
  • In case of cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy, testicular, prostate surgeries which may negatively affect reproductive potential of the youngsters, you have an option of preserving your sperms before going through such treatments and keep hopes alive for having your own baby in future.
  • If you want to have the option of having a baby in future even after vasectomy (without surgical vasectomy reversal procedure). 
  • If for any reason, husband has to be away for a longer duration and the couple is keen to set up a family, they can use an option of depositing husband’s sperms in the sperm bank and his wife can use it in absentia to produce their legitimate baby. This is useful when the male partner is away for a long duration e.g. IT & software industry, merchant navy, etc.
  • A male with perfectly normal sperm quality may not be able to produce sperm samples on the day of infertility treatment of his wife. He can deposit his sperm at his leisure in the sperm bank and can use it as ‘back-up’ on the day of treatment –just in case!   
To know more about our services in this line and the procedure involved, please go through our FAQ section on the website or write in to us at [email protected] and we shall be happy to help you.