BabyQuest CryoBank Offers Global Standard Sperm Bank

Adheres to European, USFDA and ICMR Guidelines

Lifestyle Changes, Medical Conditions, Work Environment and Infertility Leads to More Demand for Quality Donor Sperm Samples

“Clinical data estimates that almost 15% of Indian couples suffer from some form of infertility, and quality sperm banks such as BabyQuest CryoBank, which was set up in Mumbai in 2008 has been helping immensely in providing a safe and viable alternative for them to start a family”, Dilip Patil, founder and Managing Director of BabyQuest CryoBank and a member of the ICMR Committee, which is formulating guidelines for ART Banks, said on the occasion of a re-launch of Donor Awareness Drive to bust the myths around reproductive health.

Mrs. Sangeeta Patil, co-founder and Director of BabyQuest CryoBank said, “Globally, sperm banking is no longer a solution only for the infertile couples. Couples or individual men also choose to freeze their sperm for various reasons that could be related to their lifestyle, medical conditions or simply a matter of choice. BabyQuest CryoBank offers its expertise in donor semen and patient deposits at its state-of-the-art facilities with international quality services at Mulund and Dadar in Mumbai. We are the first in India to adhere to the European, USFDA and ICMR guidelines and do Karyotyping (genetic screening) of all donors.”

“Quality sperm banking also offers a safe alternative for those requiring medical treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy and for those undergoing surgeries which may impair their ability to produce sperm,” Mr. Dilip Patil further added.

Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) has recognised this growing need for infertility clinics (providing ART treatments or treatments using Assisted Reproduction Techniques) and has recently formulated guidelines for infertility clinics and ART Banks. The draft ART bill to this effect is expected to be passed by the new government very soon. Padma Vibhushan Dr. Pushpa Mitra Bhargava, ex-Vice-Chairman of Knowledge Commission of India and a core member of the Draft & Implementation Committee of ICMR Guidelines for Assisted Reproduction Clinics and ART Banks, has been the Chief Advisor of BabyQuest CryoBank since its inception in 2008.

The lifestyle reasons for contributing to rise in infertility in Indian couples include stress, long travel schedules, working on off-shore assignments away from spouses for long periods, constant exposure to new-age gadgets like mobiles and laptops, late marriages or even occupational hazards like working in hazardous or toxic conditions such as mining and radioactive sites, among others.

Mr. Dilip Patil, Managing Director of BabyQuest CryoBank, who is also a founder director of the Trivector group, a leading and pioneering group of companies providing 360-degree solution in the field of infertility since 1993, further added, “With the growing awareness and acceptability of ART (Assisted Reproduction Techniques) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), during the last few years, there is an increasing demand for independent, quality sperm and egg banks in India. BabyQuest CryoBank is renowned for its technology, high standards and practices and have set up gold standards for others to follow. We were also on the medical research team of popular Bollywood movie Vicky Donor, which brought the issue of infertility and sperm donation to the fore.”

“However, there are still a lot of misconceptions about infertility, especially sperm donation in the society. To cater to the un-met need of quality sperm samples for infertile couples, the established myths need to be busted and more youngsters (between 21-42 years of age) must come forward and give the gift of life and spread joy to such couples. We want to re-dedicate ourselves to this noble cause and are re-launching our Donor Awareness Drive with new vigour with a release of informative videos on our YouTube channel,” said Mrs. Sangeeta Patil, Co-founder and Director of BabyQuest CryoBank. “In line with this commitment, we are also releasing our infomercial urging donors to come forward, during the launch of Bollywood movie Bang Bang in select theatres in Mulund, Bhandup, Bandra, Dadar and Thane.”

“The donors are financially compensated for their time and generosity and their mandatory reproductive health screening is done free of cost. Another critically important factor for BabyQuest Cryobank is the privacy and confidentiality of information. As recommended by the ICMR, the donor and recipient information will be completely protected,” said Mr. Shashikant Mohane, COO of BabyQuest CryoBank.

Ms. Snehal Jhawar, strategic advisor to BabyQuest CryoBank, further stated, “We are committed to gradually extending our network of branches across India in collaboration with like-minded people and are in advanced stage to offer same high quality egg-banking and surrogacy services in India.”

About BabyQuest CryoBank Pvt. Ltd.

BabyQuest CryoBank was launched in 2008 in a three-year franchise agreement with Cryos International, Denmark by Dilip and Sangeeta Patil, who are also the promoters of Trivector-Origio Scientific Pvt. Ltd., a leading company in the field of infertility management in SAARC countries. The company’s areas of expertise include donor semen, patient deposits, and other ART Bank services as prescribed by ICMR. The network of BabyQuest CryoBank supplies high quality, frozen and rigorously tested donor semen to many infertility clinics across India, with hundreds of pregnancies reported till date. BabyQuest CryoBank offers a quarantined and tested selection of many donors belonging to different races and ethnicities, with thousands of samples to choose from.

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