India’s First International Sperm Bank: Back With a Big Bang

BabyQuest CryoBank Offers Global Standard Sperm Bank

Adheres to European, USFDA and ICMR Guidelines

Lifestyle Changes, Medical Conditions, Work Environment and Infertility Leads to More Demand for Quality Donor Sperm Samples

“Clinical data estimates that almost 15% of Indian couples suffer from some form of infertility, and quality sperm banks such as BabyQuest CryoBank, which was set up in Mumbai in 2008 has been helping immensely in providing a safe and viable alternative for them to start a family”, Dilip Patil, founder and Managing Director of BabyQuest CryoBank and a member of the ICMR Committee, which is formulating guidelines for ART Banks, said on the occasion of a re-launch of Donor Awareness Drive to bust the myths around reproductive health.

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BabyQuest CryoBank feeling excited to partner with IIT Bombay for their Mood Indigo 2014 festival as their Social Cause Partner and Co-Sponsor for LiveWire

You can bring lifetime joy to someone!

This is an uncommon topic, but the incidence of infertility in our society is surprisingly common.

We wish to engage with young, educated people like you to help alleviate this secret pain and have therefore partnered with IIT Bombay for their Mood Indigo 2014 festival as their Social Cause Partner.

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Mr. Dilip Patil has given his views on Surrogacy Business In DNA on 31st Aug 2014

In light of the Baby Gammy controversy, Roshni Nair explores the ethical issues plaguing India’s multimillion dollar surrogacy business

Many landmark surrogacy cases surfaced after ‘Baby M’ in 1988, but few have commanded as much attention as the recent Baby Gammy case. Pattaramon Chanbua, the 21-year-old Thai surrogate who gave birth to twins Gammy and Pipah, claimed that commissioning parents David and Wendy Farnell had abandoned Gammy – the one with Down’s syndrome – and taken the ‘healthy and normal’ twin, Pipah, with them to Australia. The Farnells, meanwhile, insist they hadn’t even been informed about Baby Gammy’s condition till the seventh month. The incident, which has sparked outrage and debates about international surrogacy, has prompted stakeholders in India’s surrogacy industry to take heed.

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