Selection Criteria

Thank you, if you are thinking of becoming a Surrogate mother, which will help under privileged couples to have their own babies. By being a surrogate mother, you can supplement your income while giving others the chance to experience the joy of starting a family of their own.
  • Woman between the age of 21-35 years
  • Woman who is married and have at least one living child
  • Woman who did not experience any major pregnancy complications
  • Woman who have healty children with no genetic illness
  • Woman not addicted to Tobaocco, Smoking & Drinking
  • Woman with Good physical, Mental Health and Fitness to carry pregnancy to term and giving post natal care to the child
  • Woman with an appropriate height to weight ratio
  • Woman who can give consent from husband/parents
  • Woman who In a stable household environment
  • Woman who must not be homosexual
  • Woman who have passed Medical & Psychological Screening
  • Woman, who feels the pain of a childless couple, hence commits to the surrogacy program and also understands her responsibility towards the intended parents. Thus she will not drop out of the program midway leaving the couples dreams unfulfilled.
  • Willingness to sign contracts and consent forms
Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Become a Surrogate

A surrogate mother is a woman who chooses to carry another coupl’s child for the duration of a pregnancy. Surrogacy is an option for those women who cannot carry their own child. If the woman can produce her own eggs, the embryo developed from her eggs and husband’s sperm may be placed in the surrogate mother’s uterus to carry the pregnancy till term. Otherwise, the surrogate mother is simply impregnated with the intended father’s semen.