A potential sperm donor has to undergo certain tests before he is accepted for the sperm donation process. A standard screening procedure for all potential donors is important for both the recipient couple and the donor to protect everyone’s health and well-being.

The benefits are as follows

  • Prevent the transmission of infectious diseases to the recipient
  • Minimize the chances of passing genetic disease(s) or defect(s) to the child
  • Ensure the psychological and emotional stability of the donor
  • Ensure the donor’s dedication and health throughout the donation process

A sample of the donor’s blood will be taken for analysis. This will include tests to determine your blood group as well as screening for infectious, genetic disorders and sexually transmitted diseases. This health check-up is free of cost for the donor.

Once the potential donor passes this pathological screening, he is accepted into the donation process.

After completion of the process, and at regular pre-determined intervals, the donor is screened, to ensure that his health and well-being continues to be intact and would not have an adverse impact on his donation.