Sperm Donor FAQs

  • Sperm Banking – Donors
    • Why should I become a sperm donor at your bank?
      Noble social cause

      You will be contributing your bit to a noble social cause. You can improve your karma by doing this great deed and helping out someone, somewhere in distress. In fact, this is nobler than blood donation, as you will be gifting a life and a lifetime of joy and happiness.

      Free fertility, genetic and medical check-up

      All our potential donors are required to undergo fertility, genetic and medical check-ups to ensure that the individuals donating sperms are free of major disorders. Thus, you will indirectly benefit by getting this check-up done, free of cost.

      Adequate compensation

      You will also be adequately compensated in monetary form for your noble gesture.

    • Will my donation or identity revealed to anyone?

      No, your donations will remain fully confidential. According to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)’s guidelines and our company’s policies, we will not reveal your identity to the recipient, clinic or doctor. There is no way that your identity can be traced by the future recipients or the prospective child born out of such donation. Donors are fully protected, under ICMR guidelines as well as our procedures for screening and subsequent release of sperm samples. Complete discretion and anonymity is maintained. We reveal only pertinent information like blood group, height, weight, hair and skin colour to the potential recipient – information which is important for prospective parents so that they can select the sample from a donor whose characteristics closely match that of the recipients.

    • Will the child born out of my sperm donation have any legal claim over my assets?

      No, the child born out of your sperm donation will not have any legal claim over your assets, under any circumstances. You will also not be held in any way responsible for the child’s upbringing. Once you donate your sperm to our bank, there is no liability or claim whatsoever on you, arising from any prospective children born by using your sperm.

    • Will I be able to know or meet any child born out of my sperm donation?

      No, you will never be given any information regarding the recipient couple or any child born out of your sperm donation nor will you be allowed to know or meet them.

    • Are there any health issues that I may face on account of donating sperm?

      No, there are no known side-effects whatsoever. It is in fact safer than blood donation too! Your sexual performance or ability to become a father yourself in the future will also not be impacted at all. It is a completely safe procedure. 

    • So how does the sperm donation cycle work? What happens when I, as a prospective donor walk into your offices for the first time?

      We make you feel comfortable and offer counselling where our experienced personnel address any questions that you may have, understand your background and motivation for sperm donation and provide basic information on the procedure. You will have to come at least 4-5 times to donate samples which we will assess. Once you clear these tests, we shall send you to a pathology lab for a health check-up.

    • What kinds of tests are conducted during the health check-up?

      We conduct a battery of tests, including screening for infectious diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, and genetic screening including testing whether you are a carrier of thalassemia. Once you pass these tests, you can be qualified as a donor. However, if you fail any of the tests, then we discard the samples collected so far and inform you about the same.

    • What happens after I pass the medical tests?

      Once you qualify as a donor, we take samples from you on a weekly basis for the next 2-3 months. We shall again call you for testing after six months and retest you for infectious diseases. If you are free of infectious diseases then we release the samples for use by potential recipients. Till then, the samples are cryo-preserved.

    • Would I get a copy of all the tests that are done?

      No, we do not provide applicants with a copy of all the tests done. However, if any medical issues are revealed in the reports, then we will inform you, and refer you to the appropriate medical practitioner as required.

    • How often do I need to visit BabyQuest for Donation?

      BabyQuest encourages donors to donate at least once or twice a week.

    • I was not accepted into the program, does that mean I cannot have children?

      Our testing is not a reflection of whether or not you can have a child, but rather whether your specimen can withstand our processing procedures and freezing temperatures. Our criteria for selection of donors are very high. Men who do not make it into our program, can, and do, produce healthy and happy children. However, if  we notice any abnormality when we are performing our analysis, we will inform you and refer you to a specialist.