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Sperm Banking

Sperm donation is a voluntary, altruistic act of solidarity through which a healthy male with an extraordinary quality of semen cedes his gametes for them to be used by an authorised Reproduction centre for the purpose of treating infertility in patients. BabyQuest CryoBank was set up to address this need in Indian society, to provide quality, tested and quarantined sperm samples for infertility treatment.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines estimate that one in seven couples resorts to medical advice at some stage in their quest to start a family. According to World Health Organization (WHO)’s estimates, in approximately 50% of the cases, this infertility is due to the male partner. Male factor infertility can be due to various reasons, including abnormal sperm, whether genetic or otherwise, poor quality sperm, low sperm count, azoospermia, or no sperm production (sterility).

Infertility specialists opine that a majority of such cases can be resolved by the usage of donor sperm in the treatment of infertility. Therefore using good quality, rigorously tested, screened and quarantined donor sperm becomes a viable option. Donor sperm is safe for IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatments and also advanced treatments like ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) and IMSI (intra-cytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection). Donor sperm are also routinely used in the most basic line of treatment, namely, intrauterine insemination (IUI). For this to be possible it is necessary to have a supply of (donated) variable sperm. This is provided by men who agree to become a sperm donor atsperm banks. We at BabyQuest CryoBank ensure that quality semen samples are provided with guaranteed post-thaw motility.

Become a sperm donor

We are happy that you have become motivated to become a sperm donor yourself. You have come to the right place as BabyQuest CryoBank is where anonymous sperm donation meets modern cryogenic technologies.

Once you get in touch with us, we explain the process in detail so that you are aware of the extent of commitment you would be undertaking and you would be comfortable with. Once the formalities have been completed, your sperm samples will be analyzed to judge suitability for accepting as donor. You will also be screened for pathological and genetic disorders. Once these are cleared, you will be officially enrolled as a donor in our program.

You will be compensated financially on a regular basis throughout the program, based on completion of milestones, all of which will be communicated to you at the start of the program and will be informed to you at regular intervals.

Your samples will be quarantined for six months and you will be tested again, to screen for carrier diseases like HIV, hepatitis etc. Once these tests are cleared, balance payment for these samples will be released to you.

Now that you have got the brief overview of our donor program, your next step should be to get in touch with us through any of these modes

Visit our office nearest to you, you can see our office locations at Contact Us OR
Fill in the contact form on this website by clicking here OR
Sms BQ to 56677 OR
Call us on 022 2568 1111 or 022 2568 3998 OR
Email us at [email protected]

And we shall get soon get the process rolling.

Please read more about our selection criteria, testing procedure, sperm donation process and anonymity norms on our website.

We trust that any additional questions you may have, may be resolved by going through our FAQ section on the website. If you have any query which is as yet unanswered, please do not hesitate to write in to us at [email protected] or using the ‘Ask a Query’ form and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.