BabyQuest CryoBank is a pioneer in the field of ART Banks in India. We provide quality sperm samples meeting your clinic’s requirements for fertility treatment. We have been using a technique that has consistently provided impressive results and we are able to provide you samples with assured post-thaw motility….in short, what we proclaim, we deliver!

You can choose from the widest range of donors with either Basic or Extended profiles. The Basic and the Extended profiles are distinguished by how much personal donor information is available. Please note however, that no information shared would indirectly lead to revealing of donor identity as anonymous donation is paramount and we are committed to ensuring that all donations remain anonymous and confidential.

Our donors are physically and mentally healthy individuals from a broad cross section of society. We have with us donors ranging from students to professionals. Each donor candidate meets rigorous screening criteria and undergoes a thorough examination prior to acceptance and continues to be screened as long as the donor is active. Donors are genuine in their desire to help others for social cause.

We are the pioneers in introducing 100% genetic screening for all our donors, apart from the standard pathological screening. We also ensure that the stringent standard of six months quarantine period is enforced so that sample quality is not compromised on any front.

We are one of the only banks to provide you with guaranteed post-thaw motility. Our samples are available in motility of different types. BabyQuest has an extensive network of cooperating clinics and hospitals in India. Through mutual cooperation with clinics & hospitals, BabyQuest’s laboratory and customer service staff continuously strives to improve professional knowledge within the field. We continuously work hard on improving and expanding our range of customer services.

Why choose us?

  • Wide selection of donors
  • Reservation of donor sperm before treatment and for future siblings
  • Donor exclusivity through selected donors
  • Guaranteed post-thaw motility
  • 100% quarantined, genetically and medically tested samples
  • Sperm quality to meet the needs of your clinic’s requirements for fertility treatment
  • Sealed, safe and fast delivery by courier or hand delivery in a dry ice package or in a nitrogen tank
  • Clinic specific statistics

To place an order or to know more,

please fill up the enquiry form on the website
or sms BQ to 56677 or
write in to us at [email protected]