What We Do

BabyQuest CryoBank specializes in providing world class services in Sperm Banking, Egg Banking & Surrogacy. Our area of expertise includes providing quality donor semen samples, own sperm deposition services, egg banking, own egg deposition services and other ART Bank services as prescribed by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines. Our systems and processes are also guided by international standards including EU and US FDA, to ensure that our donors, depositors, clinicians and recipient couples get world-class services right here in India.

We presently have donor centres in Mulund and Dadar in Mumbai, while we ship samples across India.

All our donor samples are obtained from qualified donors, who are 100% tested for genetic and pathological disorders, something which is only recommendatory at present by Indian guidelines, but to ensure patient and donor safety, we test ALL of our donors for genetic and pathological disorders. All our samples are also compulsorily quarantined for a period of six months after collection, and only after re-testing of the donor for specific carrier diseases like HIV, hepatitis etc, they are released for distribution to clinicians and recipient couples.

We encourage young, healthy men and women from all walks of life to come forth and donate this life-giving elixir and gift a family a lifetime of joy and happiness. We financially compensate all donors in an adequate manner for their efforts as well.

Why choose us?

Infertility Specialists and Recipient Couples choose us because of our

  • Premium and Superior Quality Sperm Samples
  • Consistent Service
  • Reliability and Wide Choice
  • Qualified Donors
  • 100% Quarantined and Tested Samples
  • Genetically screened samples
  • Guaranted Post-thaw Motility
  • US FDA, EU and Indian ICMR Guidlines

Educated and socially conscious young donors choose us because of our

  • Offer to help a noble, social cause
  • Adequate Financial Compensation
  • Free Fertility, Genetic and Medical Check-up
  • World-Class facilities
  • Superlative Hygienic and Comfortable Environment

If you are looking for quality donor sperm or egg samples for your/ your patient’s treatment, your quest ends here.

If you are a socially conscious young man/woman and would like to understand more about becoming a donor, you have come to the right place.

Please fill up the enquiry form on this website OR
Email us at [email protected] OR
Sms BQ to 56677

And we shall get back to you at the earliest.

You can also check out our informational videos where our founders talk about the myths related to sperm donation and our Donor Appeal advert where we appeal to all young donors to come forth for this noble cause.