About Us

BabyQuest CryoBank was launched in 2008 by Dilip and Sangeeta Patil, an enterprising couple, who have been one of the trail-blazers in the field of infertility. Ever since 1993, when they made this field their life’s mission, they have achieved significant milestones in providing 360-degree solutions to infertility specialists and healthcare institutions. It all started with their idea to spread awareness about infertility, fertility preservation and various scientific treatment options in India which would lead to patient driven, quality healthcare service in India.

The company’s areas of expertise include sperm banking, patient deposits, and other ART Bank services as prescribed by ICMR. The network of BabyQuest CryoBank branches supply high quality, frozen and rigorously tested donor sperm samples to infertility clinics across India, with hundreds of pregnancies reported till date. BabyQuest CryoBank offers a quarantined and tested selection of many donors belonging to different races and ethnicities, with thousands of samples to choose from.

The company follows European, US FDA and ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) guidelines to ensure global standards in sperm banking and related procedures. The company presently has two branches in Mumbai; in Mulund and in Nerul, where donors visit for sperm donation.

Donors are financially compensated, while contributing to a good social cause.

Come, be a part of this social revolution!