For Donors

Sperm Donor in Mumbai

  • Your Identity will be anonymous as per ICMR guidelines.
  • You will be financially compensated for your effort and time.
  • Free fertility and health check up.
  • Help the infertile couple.
For Patients


  • Wide Choice of donor selection.
  • Stringent donor selection criteria based on education, health and psychology.
  • Strict quarantine period of 6 months.
  • Test include HIV, Hepatits B & C, Karyotype, Thalasemia, & Diabetes.
For Doctors/Clinics

For Doctors & Clinics

  • IUI ready donor frozen semen samples are evaluated on the basis of post thaw analysis.
  • Donor screening in accordance to EU and ICMR guidelines.
  • Prompt and optimal delivery of samples at your doorstep.
Preserve Your Fertility

Preserve Your Fertility

  • Freezing and Banking using world class technology
  • Deposit services available for cancer patients and professionals.

About BabyQuest CryoBank Pvt. Ltd.

About BabyQuest CryoBank
BabyQuest CryoBank was launched in 2008 by Dilip and Sangeeta Patil, an enterprising couple, who have been one of the trail-blazers in the field of infertility. Ever since 1993, when they made this field their life’s mission, they have achieved significant milestones in providing 360-degree solutions to infertility specialists and healthcare institutions.

Why BabyQuest CryoBank Pvt. Ltd.?
  • Premium and Superior Quality Sperm Samples

  • Qualified Donors

  • 100% Quarantined and Tested Samples

  • Reliability and Wide Choice

  • Genetically screened samples